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Our Portal

Learning done ...your way.

Centralized Learning

Our web-based portal is your 'central station' to all learning activities and records.

Flexible Platform

Choose the features important to your business and configure for your strategies and processes.

Unparalleled Support

We stay in touch to ensure our platform is working for you, even as your business needs change.


Our Portal makes it possible for organizations of any size to deliver and track learning activities for a global enterprise of customers, employees, and partners while driving down costs and maximizing value.  


Prior to deployment, we collaborate with your team to maximize the benefits our solution provides, with a focus on achieving your business and learning goals.  After deployment, you receive ongoing support through a dedicated account and project manager—not just a call center. This ensures timely, effective, and accurate responses.


My Learning Dashboard

Customizable user dashboard with company colors/logo.


Certification & Compliance

Powerful tools for automating enrollments and tracking for training certification and compliance requirements.


Blended Learning

Create blended learning offerings to meet today’s digital learning environment.


E-Commerce & Catalog

Generate revenue by offering courses and events to external users with multiple payment options.


Reporting & Notifications

Fully integrated notifications and reporting saves time and lets you measure your KPIs.


Mobile Tools

Enhanced for mobile users, including time-saving QR Code scans for viewing transcripts and entering rosters.

My Learning Dashboard

Users access a customized “My Learning” dashboard to access all learning items, including upcoming courses, history, transcripts, certificates, training certifications, Learning Paths and more.  Optionally, include additional Resources and Quick Links. Access the portal via web login or an integrated Single Sign On (SSO) solution.


Cultural settings allow configuration for local languages as well as supporting local user time zones for ILT and virtual training events. Access the portal 24x7x365 globally with our cloud-based SaaS solution. 


Combine users into Learning Groups to make enrolling and reporting even easier. Choose your user types – Student, Instructor, Registrar, Manager, Administrator.

Learning Dashboard
Certification & Compliance

Powerful tools for training certification and compliance tracking.

Create rules based on job roles, user type or location, OSHA requirements, etc. Customize your certification period, training duration for compliance, re-enrollment frequency, notification reminders and overdue notices. Fast and easy reporting on compliance status.  Mix and match multiple course types to achieve compliance. Supports scanning and attaching signed rosters if required.

Deliver certificates that can be digitally signed for authenticity directly to your learner. Print or email transcripts, certificates, or training certification reports. Collect post-class evaluation information to measure and assess effectiveness of training programs. 

Compliance rules provide for auto-enrollment in required training based on your identified criteria to ensure employees, vendors or partners stay in compliance.

Easy access and reporting for audits – our portal provide as a single, centralized database for all training records.  Filter by site, job, employee, certification and produce immediate results for Auditors. 

Certification & Compliance
Blended Learning

Digital learning is changing every day, and our portal gives you the flexibility to package and deliver your offerings in a variety of ways. Design bundles, learning paths, or training certifications based on your audience needs.  Include Instructor-Led (ILT) events, eLearning, webinars, videos, assessments, documents – whatever your content, we help you package and deliver it with ease.

Link courses together that are related – do you offer a course via ILT and elearning? Link the content so instructors can access the same content for delivery in front of a class room that advanced students can access via our self-paced offering. 

Load courses once through our simplified Admin interface and share them to multiple countries to save time with setup.  Use our schedule templates for faster loading of Instructor-Led events. 

Blended Learning
E-Commerce & Catalog

Manage your internal and external users in one system.  Our integrated catalog, shopping cart and e-commerce solutions let you generate revenue with your own content and still offer required training to employees – all with the same system. 

Our portal offers extensive catalog features and course descriptions that link to a database.  When you make a change to a course description, it automatically updates everywhere – no need to manage an additional website of your offerings – keep everything in the portal.

Global users? No problem – we offer multilingual support and provide translation tables for all elements of the user experience, including shopping carts, certificates, transcripts, and notifications.

Manage discount programs and loyalty coupon programs easily with our integrated shopping cart features and give customers more ways to pay with our e-commerce solutions.

E-Commerce & Catalog
Reporting & Notifications

No more tracking or sending separate emails to users; our notification system is fully integrated and offers the ability to customize each notification directly through the Admin interface.  Set up your confirmations, reminders, overdue notices, password reset, and wait list notifications to meet your needs.

Set up rules for notifications, send summary emails to managers/supervisors or other stakeholders. Our versatile system includes custom notification notes that are managed at the course or learning path level, so special instructions or information about a given course are included in the notification automatically. We also support notifications in the user’s local language.

Standard and customized reports give you the just-in-time information you need about your user learning activities.  From registration through completion, compliance, cost tracking – we provide it all.  All reports are also exportable to Excel or CSV for easy viewing  and additional filtering to see just the data you need to measure performance.

Reporting & Notifications
Mobile Tools

Our portal includes a simplified interface for mobile users with easy access to their My Learning dashboard and courses.

Delivering training to a remote or manufacturing site? No problem – use our QR code scanning features on your mobile device!  Access the  portal on your phone to verify an employee’s training record by scanning their QR code. Holding an impromptu instructor-led training event? First schedule the class in the portal, then scan the QR code of participants as they enter your training/conference rooms.  Rosters are updated in real-time in the LMS for accurate tracking and reporting.

Mobile Tools

Ready for a tour?


Our Team welcomes the opportunity to provide a demonstration of how LearnCentral's portal can impact your learning program, whether it's new or replacing existing technologies. 

Flexible Pricing

LearnCentral offers flexible pricing for our cloud-based Saas hosted learning platform, including:


a monthly flat fee per user with a sliding scale discount for larger numbers of users. 

License Fee

one-time fee to access the LMS for a set period of time (ex. per month, year, or multi-year options)

"The LearnCentral Team was incredibly flexible as our project shifted and we were still able to meet training program needs for a strategic, time sensitive, and mission critical project."
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