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Co-Founder &
Chief Learning Officer

Beth’s current role as CLO includes responsibility for all resource management, project management, and product development for our learning portal. She also provides training, content development, consulting, and project management services for key clients. Beth gained her understanding of technology during an early career of selling personal computers and software, then transitioned into training and project management roles for software automation projects for pharma, telecom and manufacturing organizations. 


As a senior project manager, she has managed many strategic, enterprise wide projects with global resource teams and target audiences. With a career spanning 30+ years, a key strength continues to be playing the role of technical liaison; translating user needs into actionable design documents for software developers, then helping to create and implement a training program for a successful project deployment.

Her extensive background with training projects also lends itself to a keen understanding of the necessary features and capabilities of our LearnCentral learning portal.


Beth Sneddon

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