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Don't under value or lose your existing IP! Let our Designers help transition old materials to web-based eLearning, micro-videos, FAQ pages and more.

Many organizations found themselves in a time crunch when support for FLASH disappeared from our browsers.  Don't throw away your old content -- let us help re-imagine it, but use that valuable IP from company SMEs that may no longer be accessible to you.

We'll work with your team to understand the scope of your project and give you an honest assessment of what can be saved, what may not usable and make suggestions on areas that can be 'spruced up' or made more engaging. 

Do you have existing content that just isn't hitting the 'mark'? Let us know what's working and what's not, and our Learning Designers will make suggestions for improvement, engagement, and measurement of learner's successes. Some times a fresh 'coat of paint' can make a big difference for a low investment.


Have a lot of old content to convert or re-imagine?  Bulk discounts are available based on project size and timeline.  

Reach out to find out more on protecting your IP!

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