All-Inclusive Approach

Are you in need of a specific learning program for your company or team? Our all inclusive solution is designed for companies with global users that need access to training and learning programs.

Who doesn’t want to get a better return on their investment?

As a result of efficient design and planning by our client/learning teams, along with the use of refined learning platform technologies, we are able to deliver a cost efficient and highly effective solution. From instructor led, virtual labs, job aides, videos, and other learning methods, our all inclusive approach to delivery of training programs has greatly enhanced the bottom line of our clients.

Our team of learning consultants, instructional designers, web developers, copy editors, and testers will use a variety of learning delivery vehicles to offer a comprehensive, focused, and highly effective solution.

What’s Included?

  • Customized Quick Reference Guides
  • Customized video series
  • Virtual training (live training via the internet)
  • Customized FAQ pages
  • Scheduled live instructor Lab sessions (via the internet) for students post training
  • Use of a client branded learning environment, LearnCentral (our proprietary learning platform)
  • Extended phone and email support for employees
  • Training Program Management—we do it all!


  1. Photo of a businessman reading over documents.

    Customized Quick Reference Guides:

    • Our team will design, publish, and produce a multi-color, multi-panel product
    • Delivered electronically through LearnCentral
    • Option for hard copy/laminated versions
  2. Photo of a businessman working on his laptop

    Customized Video Series:

    • Our team will record a customized ‘You Tube’ style video series as part of the overall solution.
    • Videos will be posted and available through LearnCentral
    • Users can access on a scheduled or just-in-time approach
  3. Photo of a woman working on her computer.

    Virtual Training:

    • Our team will design a curriculum and materials for virutal delivery to meet your global needs
    • Delivered live via a choice of learning tools dependent upon the program requirements
    • All sessions offered, scheduled, tracked and launched through LearnCentral
  4. Photo of a man sitting in front of a desktop computer

    Scheduled Lab Sessions:

    • Our team will provide regularly scheduled virtual “lab” sessions with the instructor for follow-up practice and exercise.
    • Lab sessions offered, scheduled and tracked through LearnCentral
  5. Photo of a young woman working with a computer elearning course

    Customized FAQ Pages:

    • Our team will create customized FAQ pages accessible through LearnCentral
    • Conduct periodic feedback sessions with trainers to determine new topics and tips/tricks
    • Hold periodic meeting with Client Help Desk to determine topics and best practices
  6. Photo of a man teaching a woman in person

    Use of LearnCentral:

    • We will extend the use of our hosted LearnCentral annually
    • Employees have on-going access to their learning paths, videos, quick reference guides, etc.
    • Administrators/Managers have access to learning reports, costs, certification tracks
    • We will provide an Administrator to help manage and support any of your learning initiatives.
  7. Photo of a male customer service representative talking on the phone to a customer.

    Phone & Email Support:

    • Our team will provide phone and email support throughout the deployment of your learning programs
    • Work with you to ensure best practices are followed
  8. Photo of two men shaking hands

    Training Program Management:

    • We manage all facets of your learning program, including:
      • Training Management Team
      • Skills Assessment / Needs Analysis
      • Scheduling
      • Logistics & Operations
      • Branded Learning Environment with Administrator Support
      • Communications & Marketing Plan
      • Quality Plan
      • Evaluation & Follow-up

Benefits of the All-inclusive Approach include:

  • Deliver high impact, knowledge transfer to your employees
  • Align training / knowledge transfer to match business initiatives; resulting in a significant ROI
  • Dedicated team ensures we learn your processes and technologies; this enables us to provide better support as employees begin using their new technologies on the job
  • Raise awareness of training opportunities and client commitment to employee retention through constant learning
  • Real $Savings Based on Commitment & Volume
  • Minimal resource needs from client—no hidden internal costs
  • Our Training team becomes your partner, working with you to define program objectives, then planning and executing
  • More just-in-time learning available through LearnCentral. Users have 24x7 access to learning.
  • Coordinated effort around delivery in a “just in time” fashion for users.
  • Extended post support and tools to ensure the maximum return on your investment.
  • Consistent communication throughout project.