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Is Your Organization using their LMS to its Full Potential?

Is your organization using their Learning Management System (LMS) to its fullest potential? Are your employees engaged or is learning on the LMS seen as a “chore”? Research shows that companies who work to engage their users have more acceptance and use of this important business investment. Below are a few key strategies to help increase employee use while driving up your ROI.

  1. State the Goals of Using an LMS and Explain the Benefits – create an engaging video to help with the message.

  2. Ensure Employees Can Use Their Preferred Device – let employees know they have a choice; can they take a course while waiting in the car at ballet practice on their phone or IPAD?

  3. Create Rules based on Job Roles so Assignments automatically enroll people in the right training – work with HR, Management and QA to auto assign required training easily

  4. Develop Job Aids to Encourage More Content (Converting PPT to Elearning) – content creation is getting easier everyday – encourage department managers or trainers to convert existing content to video or eLearning to load, assign and track in the LMS

  5. Celebrate Wins – give concrete examples of how using the LMS saves the company time and money (example: the LMS allowed for easy access to training records for a recent Audit)

  6. Get Management Buy-in – having a company policy that all learning records should be stored in the LMS is a big step in ensuring compliance and encouraging employees to load all learning to the LMS.

Whatever strategies you choose, don’t forget to create some benchmarks to measure the increase of use and employee engagement! Reach out to LearnCentral for more ideas or to find out about our own customizable learning portal.

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