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Are your Content Developers Agile?

Are your Content Developers embracing ADL, or Agile Learning Design? The term “Agile Learning Design” evolved from the popular software development approach and focuses on speed, flexibility and collaboration to more rapidly deliver solutions. It joins ADDIE as the most popular approach to training content development.

As a Content Developer, you are always evolving; content development tools are more powerful and the need for synchronous learning is in higher demand, especially post pandemic, with more employees working virtually. Agile Learning Design allows instructional designers and content developers to assess the training needs of their organization or client and collaboratively develop more just-in-time content solutions.

Why use Agile Learning Design? For our teams at LearnCentral, using this approach allows us to meet the need for training for global software deployments. Frequently, time is the most restrictive element and training development cannot begin until the new or updated software is stable enough to create scripts, screen shots and video content. With the ADL method, we have incorporated the use of templates, standard Subject Matter Expert interviews and rapid development tools such as Rise 360 by Articulate and Techsmith’s Camtasia to meet the tight deadlines on these projects. Give ADL a try on your next project, or reach out to engage with Content Development experts with LearnCentral to learn more.

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