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LMS Consulting & Administration

Business Consultation

Get more ROI from your existing LMS, or let us help you choose a new one. We'll review your current processes and identify a plan to increase effectiveness & efficiency.

Designing and maintaining our own learning portal for the last 20+ years has provided us with a unique insight on what it takes to choose, implement and maintain an effective Learning Management System.  Through our client interactions, we've helped to create best practices, establish smoother processes, and identified opportunities to get more value out of your existing LMS, whether it be our solution, or someone else's.


Many times, organizations are understaffed or lack dedicated staff to deploy and manage the ongoing tasks associated with using an LMS to manage your everyday learning needs. Let our team help -- we work with you to understand what level of consulting you need and create a custom resource solution. Considering a new LMS, or implementing a new solution to meet company standards? We can help with that too -- we've got the project and implementation plan templates to get up to speed quickly and flexible resource options to meet your budget. 

Whether it's a Project Lead or an LMS coordinator, we can help you achieve your short or long term goals.  Give us a call or click Contact Us below and let us know how we can help!

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