Animated graphic showing the 5 different steps of our LearnCentral LMS Approach: Assess, Design, Communicate, Deliver, Evaluate

Keys to Success

Our learning consultants are well-versed in the key components that comprise a successful training program designed to meet your business goals. Click on each of the components below for more information.

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    Step 1: Assess

    We believe a key success factor of any training program is providing the right training to the right people at the right time.

    Needs Analysis/ Skills Assessment:

    Our web-based needs analysis tools and skills assessments allow you to be proactive in planning your training program. You can determine what training is needed, when it is needed and take control of the future direction of your training programs. Assessments can also gather key information from your users, such as platform, upcoming project needs, preferred site for training, training delivery preference, etc.

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    Step 2: Design

    Using the input from the needs analysis and skills assessments, the LearnCentral team will work with you to design a training program to meet the specific learning needs of your audience.

    Training Programs:

    Training programs may be designed to include a blended approach of eLearning, vLearning (virtual) and/ instructor-led events. The design phase can also include our recommendations of curriculums and/or courses, along with the delivery method that we feel is most appropriate for your audience.

    Courseware Development & Instructional Design:

    Our team of seasoned courseware developers and instructional designers are recognized authors and designers of web-based curriculums, proprietary WBT programs and technology courseware that is distributed worldwide. We recognize the importance of incorporating the overall business process into your training materials and will work seamlessly with your process team to deliver this message in the content. In addition, many of our instructors are experienced in courseware development and can assist in ‘testing’ existing courseware to ensure exercises work correctly and that key terms are always defined before they are used.

    Corporate Training:

    We also provide corporate training departments with the ability to license content to be delivered through their internal training staff and eliminate the capital investment in course development. Our programs offer flexible terms, content updates, Instructor Guides and Train-the-Trainer events.

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    Step 3: Communicate

    We provide a variety of communications and marketing services to raise the awareness of your training programs.

    Communications & Marketing Services:

    These may include designing a central website and branded learning portal, building a marketing plan, management of lunch and learn events, email and direct mail campaigns, and seminars and focus groups with executives.

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    Step 4: Deliver

    Our training team is equipped to manage every detail of your training program delivery, so you don’t have to.

    Logistics & Operations:

    We use our learning platform and business processes to automate many of the time-consuming but important details of delivering training events. Our system offers a web-based solution to help streamline training processes, increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs.

    Learning Environment:

    Our focus is on helping our clients manage their training programs efficiently and effectively—for this reason, we offer an affordable learning environment built around your real needs and issues. LearnCentral is the first and only corporate training company to provide complete learning management solutions.

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    Vendor Management:

    Our goal is to offer one point of contact while ensuring the training choices you desire are available. We can work with existing or new vendors to arrive at contracts that meet everyone’s needs.

    Training Options:

    LearnCentral provides end-to-end learning services that align with your business strategies. These services include instructor-led training, CBT, WBT solutions, virtual learning, blended programs & others.

    Experienced Instructor Team:

    Our instructors regularly work with the applications and languages that they train others in. We’ve found that this real-world experience keeps instruction relevant, makes learning easier and resulting in higher retention after the course. Our staff’s collective experience in adult education, computer training and overall technology implementation allows LearnCentral to offer a team of people who possess unparalleled skills and knowledge.

    Post Training Support:

    LearnCentral can also help with your post training support through a variety of services including: refresher training, web-based tools, development of video clips of frequently used skills and job aids.

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    Step 5: Evaluate

    Thoroughly evaluating your training programs for the purpose of improvement is essential for maintaining quality programs long-term.

    Design Evaluation Plan:

    The LearnCentral team will work with you to determine your evaluation needs and then help to customize various levels of evaluations for your training program.

    Evaluation & Follow-up:

    To maintain the highest possible quality, LearnCentral implements online course evaluations (Level 1) for all events and incorporates student feedback into future events. We can also conduct level 2, 3 & 4 evaluations, including post-tests, follow-up phone calls and email surveys to ensure knowledge is being applied in the workplace.


    LearnCentral offers standard and ad-hoc reporting to measure all aspects of your events. We have the ability to report on student satisfaction, instructor scores, course evals, student evals, costs, etc. Custom reports can also be created based on your program needs.