Our Approach

Our approach goes far beyond just deploying a system. Prior to deployment, we collaborate with your team to maximize the benefits LearnCentral provides, with a focus on achieving your specific business and learning goals. After deployment, you receive ongoing support through a dedicated account and project manager—not just a call center. This approach guarantees you receive timely and accurate responses.

To view how LearnCentral simplifies the training process for you, select a role below and learn more.

  1. Photo of a female student working on an online class


    LearnCentral is designed to empower users to manage their personal learning and development plans.

    The student role allows users access to eLearning, virtual learning events and details for their instructor-led events. It provides them with the ability to browse the catalog, view their transcript, complete evaluations and access relevant helpful links and FAQ pages.

    LearnCentral provides students with a powerful, but easy-to-use interface. Some features include:

    • Course Catalog
    • Student Transcripts
    • Online Student Registration
    • Online Student Evaluations
    • Course Certificates
    • Dynamic Conflict Checking
    • Integrated Wait List Management
    • Blended Learning
    • Integrated Exams
    • Automatic Confirmations and Reminders
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    LearnCentral allows access for both internal and external instructors to help in viewing and managing their learning events.

    Instructors have the ability to view current, future and past learning events.

    LearnCentral provides instructors with a comprehensive set of tools for viewing and managing their learning events, including:

    • Online Course Schedules
    • Evaluation Summary Reports
    • Online Course Rosters
    • Instructor Evaluations
    • Downloadable Class & Exercise Files
    • View Student Lists/Counts Per Event
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    This is a very versatile role within LearnCentral. A Registrar can be a client, internal employee with registrar duties, or a location manager.

    All of these people have access to key capabilities within LearnCentral that allow them to view classes, enroll students, add logistics and view standard reports. You decide, during deployment, what specific capabilities the registrar should have.

    LearnCentral allows registrars the access to easily manage a range of details associated with learning courses/events:

    • View Event Details
    • Manage User Profiles
    • Enroll Students in Courses
    • Complete/View Online Rosters
    • Run Logistics, Roster and Evaluation Summary Reports
    • Complete/view Class Evaluation Data
    • Generate Student Certificates
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    LearnCentral provides the Administrator with the ability to manage all aspects of their learning programs, including users, events and scheduling.

    Administrators also have access to comprehensive tools to monitor and report on ALL information in the system.

    LearnCentral empowers administrators and simplifies the job of managing learning programs. Key functions include:

    Creating & Managing:

    • Learning Items (courses, webinars, eLearning)
    • Payment Methods (cost center, credit cards, etc.)
    • Exams
    • Scheduling of Events
    • Enrollment and Bulk Load
    • Locations/Rooms/Venues
    • User Profiles & Capabilities
    • Course Evaluations & Certificates

    Monitor & Reporting:

    • Attendance & Transcripts
    • Low Enrollments/Cancellations
    • Delivery Trends for Future Scheduling
    • Student, Instructor and Course Evaluation Reports
    • Revenue/Cost Details
    • Helpful Links/FAQ Pages
    • Exports (Ad-hoc) and Custom Reports