LearnCentral: Unique Strengths

Our proprietary learning platform is designed to make sense, meet your needs and above all, be simple, intuitive and easy to use. LearnCentral makes it possible for learning organizations of any size to deliver knowledge services to a global enterprise of customers, employees and partners while driving down costs and maximizing value.

LearnCentral has everything you need to plan, manage, deliver and track your training initiatives, regardless of your delivery method.

Whether you have one program or ongoing companywide initiatives, LearnCentral is a platform that delivers results: a complete learning environment that deploys and manages training in many different methods such as instructor-led, virtual, eLearning, videos and webinars.

We don’t just hand you a generic learning environment out of the box. Prior to deployment, we collaborate with your team to maximize the benefits LearnCentral provides—custom-configuring if necessary—with a focus on achieving your business and learning goals. After deployment, you receive ongoing support through a dedicated account and project manager—not just a call center. This ensures timely, effective and accurate responses.

LearnCentral: Distinctive Features

LearnCentral provides many valuable features that can be implemented to manage any training initiative with ease. Since LearnCentral can be deployed modularly, our team will assist you in implementing a solution that incorporates your specific processes and business needs.

  • Worldwide training: reach a global audience
  • Compliance: Track & Evaluate Learning Programs
  • SaaS-based, multilingual support
  • AICC/SCORM-compatible
  • Learning portal/extensive catalog options
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Custom branding for a seamless user experience
  • Modular/configurable: tailor to your needs
  • Robust dashboard: analyze, measure, track & evaluate
  • Automated notifications save time
  • Exam Management: create and manage unlimited exams
  • Open architecture: ready to integrate
  • Bulk load: makes importing data a snap
  • Much more

Hosting & Customer Support

Photo of two men working with a digital tablet.Data Center—Hosting:
Your specific deployment, including courseware, video (if applicable) and employee data is hosted in a SAS 70 Type II certified facility, designed to meet the most demanding requirements and the highest level of security, safety, redundancy, reliability, scalability and technology.

Click here to view some of the general features of our data center facilities

Photo of a male customer service representative talking on the phone to a customer.LearnCentral—Customer Support:
All LearnCentral clients have access to support via email or a toll-free hotline. All Technical and support personnel are located in North America.
Photo of an older businessman using a smartphone.LearnCentral—Administrative Services:
Looking to maximize your internal staff and resources? We offer supplemental administration services. No need to train (and budget time for) your own people to learn another application. Let us handle it for you.

Please contact us if you are interested in a custom support plan

Pre-Defined Package Options:

We recognize that each company has different learning management needs. To meet this diverse need, we offer multiple options for deploying LearnCentral. Each option varies with features, pricing, and implementation time.

  1. Photo of a small business owner working on his computer

    Starter Package

    Module deployment of LearnCentral. Only pay for the features you need.

    • Minimal time commitment.
    • Low $$$ entry point.
    • Ideal for e-learning and specific training of roll-out deployments (instructor-led, virtual, webinars, etc.).
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  2. Photo of a team of professionals

    Enterprise Package

    A complete learning environment to manage, support and administer all of your global, multilingual, training needs.

    • Our most comprehensive offering.
    • Manage all aspects of your learning programs.
    • Customize your learning environment to better manage your specific business requirements.
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  3. Photo of a young woman working with a computer elearning course

    Replacement Package

    We will transition you to a new platform—LearnCentral seamlessly.

    • Try it free for the first 90 days.
    • Include access to award winning, elearning training modules.
    • Choose from topics such as IT/Technology, Project Management, Compliance, Certifications, and others.
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  4. Photo of a keyboard with a shopping cart button

    Revenue Generation Package

    Our most customizable package with an extensive catalog of features.

    • E-commerce
    • Company product information via webcasts, podcasts, e-learning, and virtual.
    • Customize system to meet specific deployment needs.
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Does Your Project Require A Different Solution?

No problem! We can customize a specific deployment for you. Contact Us To Discuss A Custom Deployment to meet YOUR goals.

Get Started with LearnCentral

Which deployment is right for me?

Different clients have different needs. Sometimes rollouts within the same company can have different requirements and unique ways that they need to interface with a learning platform. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could shape your own environment based around your specific requirements—with the benefit of only paying for what you use. We offer a variety of flexible investment plans based around your needs.

Pricing is based on:

  • Number of users vs. unlimited
  • Hosted or behind firewall
  • If hosted, amount of content/bandwidth needs
  • Length of use—license term or pay-as-you-go
  • Support plan—Standard or Custom

Our team will show you where and how you will achieve your ROI.

We can determine a plan that is right for you with a brief (15-30 minute) exploration call. Fill out our Free Trial Request form or call us at 800.876.5010.