Our Approach

With the growth and advancement of networking and Internet technologies, the ability to deliver training over various mediums has flourished. With seasoned instructional designers, skilled web developers and expert project managers, LearnCentral provides the perfect synergy of talents necessary to develop quality, computer-based and web-based training solutions.

Using our proven approach to web-based course development, we are able to meet our customers’ timelines and budgets, no matter the size of the project.

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Our Experience

LearnCentral has been providing web-based training (WBT) development and related services for more than twenty years and over that time have developed thousands of hours of web based training programs used by our corporate clients. We continue to provide both open market and proprietary courseware development services today, with multiple projects currently under development.

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Sample Topics

We specialize in proprietary course development and have experience in many industries and disciplines. A few examples include Project Management, Employee Orientation, Customer Service/Support, General IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Work Force/Sales Force Automation.

Our Team

Graphic showcasing our team hierarchy - Client Liasions communicate directly with the Project Managers, who communicate with the Implementation Managers. Additionally, Client Liasions communicate directly with each the Instructional Designers, WBT Developers and Copy Editors.
  • Management:

    Escalation of final deliverables and Quality Assurance items.

  • Project Management:

    Key contact for LearnCentral project team members and client. Overall responsibility for deliverable per scope of effort agreement, timelines, resource allocation and delivering to project expectations.

  • Instructional Designers:

    Assumes the main responsibility for the needs analysis phase, proper level of interaction in the course accuracy, flow, interactivity, examples, diagrams, pace of course and active learning methods such as case studies, role plays, positioning of interactivity, and evaluations.

  • Developers:

    Responsible for the development of the content in a given program.

  • Implementation Manager:

    Responsible for delivering the final content in your learning portal. They’ll work with you to create your own private-label learning portal, deploy your portal and provide support after ‘go live.’

  • Copy Editors:

    Responsible for proof reading for vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and formatting.

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