LearnCentral Success Stories

Multinational business services provider of standards-based solutions in over 140 countries.

LearnCentral Users = approximately 100,000 users

Since January 2003, LearnCentral has been as a critical business system that helps to market, manage and deliver core training products and services for this Client. The initial deployment was the result of consolidating four (4) existing systems (Saba, Registrar, Online Registration Center & Proprietary Products) into a single system, LearnCentral, resulting in a significant costs savings. This client utilizes LearnCentral for both internal employee training and external (revenue generating) customer offerings.

Over the past 10 years, this custom branded deployment has evolved and streamlined business processes, adding additional costs savings while driving up revenue. LearnCentral is integrated with the Client website, and manages both employee and client training, including an extensive catalog of offerings, multiple training delivery methods, custom exams and certification programs for industry standards, standards, and exams. Our client recently passed an audit by the industry leading board with 0 audit findings.

LearnCentral has been deployed in four different countries with regional preferences controlling language, currency, tax, and shipping as well as customized check-out procedures that have expedited payment processing through online credit card transactions. LearnCentral is also integrated with various social media tools such as Live Chat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

A Fortune 500 steel company that recycles, manufactures, fabricates, and trades steel globally.

LearnCentral = approximately 8,000 users

Deployed in 2008 to initially manage complex SAP deployments, LearnCentral has expanded to track the majority of training offered to internal employees. With approximately 500 course offerings, both internal as well as third party offerings including Six Sigma, this core system that enables our client to manage an extensive learning program.

LearnCentral is deployed to users throughout Europe and the Americas and is currently offered in two languages. The client uses the system to manage all enrollments, delivery methods, logistics, scheduling, rosters, certificates and reporting. Our client takes full advantage of conflict checking and roster management to help schedule enterprise-wide training deployments and relies on the flexible, yet powerful reporting to measure key statistics and scheduling needs. This custom deployment includes single sign-on for added security and synchronization with internal employee records.

A World Leader in the Field of In Vitro Diagnostics

LearnCentral = approximately 10,000 users

Deployed in January 2004, LearnCentral has provided services to this client who specializes in the field of in vitro diagnostics for medical and industrial applications. Today, in more than 150 countries through 41 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors, our client provides diagnostic solutions that improve patient health and ensure consumer safety.

LearnCentral is used to manage all online registrations, confirmations, reminders, certificates, evaluations and reporting. It provides real-time information on the status of training initiatives and maintains detailed records for system security access tracking, ISO certification/auditing and quality assurance measures. Our client has seen further benefits using the system and has engaged our services in converting existing instructor led training as well as developing new courses to offer an entirely web-based e-learning format.

LearnCentral is deployed in 2 languages and manages internal employee user records worldwide. They have recently embraced a blending learning solution offered through LearnCentral to track learning paths and progress towards achieving key milestones that provide for user access to controlled systems.

Learning Services Success Stories

World Leading Drug Development Services Company

Project Summary:

In 2004, LearnCentral was awarded a multi-year contract for providing desktop training services for the Client’s global workforce. Services include both eLearning as well as instructor-led training for generic/off-the-shelf topics, which were customized to meet their specific learning objectives.

Training services are being delivered at ten worldwide locations in multiple languages. LearnCentral was also deployed for this client to manage all program logistics, including a central registration system, wait listing, manager approval and reporting. Our team also partnered with this client to manage the entire training program, including providing audience assessments, surveys and recommended scheduling approaches based on user needs.

LearnCentral continues today as their prime partner in delivering all desktop learning services, including providing a mobile classroom to facilitate learning at remote sites. By providing both eLearning and instructor-led solutions, LearnCentral is helping this client reduce costs while offering learning to their entire global workforce.

Fortune 250 Diversified Energy Company

Project Summary:

LearnCentral has partnered with this client’s training and technical management departments to create custom curriculums, including object-oriented technologies, Java, web development, .net, project management and proprietary programs. Our solutions included custom roadmaps and role-based training curriculums for technical employees and a dedicated learning portal for students and managers to access specific information about each program.

In addition, we created and implemented marketing campaigns for proprietary programs and managed scheduling and delivery of training events. Overall, our solutions resulted in up to a 40% cost savings from the previous year.

Worldwide Global Telecommunications Provider

Project Summary:

Since 1996, LearnCentral has been one of three super suppliers when this client consolidated their learning services vendors. Throughout this relationship, we have provided employee training programs via several delivery methods including instructor-led, distance learning, virtual and web-based. Topics trained include: Technology (OO, Java, Linux, programming languages), customer relationships, services orientation, financial overview, supplier engagements, and new employee orientation programs.

As a result of using a blended approach to deliver services, our projects have been viewed as highly effective by the audience. In one scenario, by eliminating the need to travel executives for course delivery, the client realized a return on investment after only one delivery and scheduled a subsequent 25 deliveries over the next nine months.

Our services have also included managing several proprietary telecommunication training programs and providing local instructors in NC, Canada, Texas, Latin America, Beijing and the UK. Overall, our services have helped to drive down costs and improve the availability, quality and consistency of this client’s training programs.

Custom Courseware Success Stories

Fortune 500 e-Business Integrator with Federal Government Client Base

Project Summary:

Since 2003, the LearnCentral Team assisted this client in meeting their requirement to convert a 5-day instructor-led workshop into a blended learning solution comprising of eLearning and instructor-led components. Our instructional designers worked with the client team to rework the curriculum and create a modular approach that would meet the needs of a broader audience. This transition to blended learning also created a revenue stream for the client.

The web-based courses were Level 2, including simulations, audio and testing. All courses are hosted in LearnCentral which is e-commerce enabled, providing both clients and employees with a simple way to buy and/or access the new content, launch eLearning content, create transcripts, certificates and tracking for certification. Administrators use LearnCentral daily to manage all aspects of instructor-led events, and notifications are engaged to send both confirmations and reminders to students.

The project has been a great success. The blended solution proved to be cost-effective for delivering content to multiple audiences and provided a just-in-time solution for integrating learning and new project assignments for the client. LearnCentral continues our strategic partnership with this client to develop additional eLearning courses and work on upgrades to existing content.

Custom eLearning Development—Global Manufacturer of In Vitro Infection Disease Diagnostics

Project Summary:

For the past 8 years, the LearnCentral Team has provided both hosting and proprietary web-based course development solutions to meet this client’s needs for migrating to new software and upgrading existing software. The user base included 5500 employees deployed globally.

Our solution included both English and French versions of the courses, deployed on our hosted platform, LearnCentral. Each solution is a Level 2 course, which includes simulations, audio and some flash content to encourage interactivity with the users for better retention. Final quizzes are also included to ensure users have achieved the learning objectives. Reporting is provided to track completions, certificates and transcript data for compliance tracking. Average user cost per course is $3–$5 annually.

Major North Carolina Healthcare Provider

Project Summary:

LearnCentral partnered with this client to meet a specific project requirement of converting an instructor-led course on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to a web-based medium for existing and new employees. Course completion tracking was essential, so LearnCentral was also included in the solution.

The project was successfully delivered on time and on budget. The client has realized measurable returns through reduced delivery costs while providing the ability to manage and track education compliancy in real-time.